This Labour Force Development Strategy Guide is designed to help nonprofit networks and umbrella organizations build their capacity to develop and implement labour force strategies.

What is a labour force strategy?

A labour force strategy is defined as a detailed and integrated strategy for recruiting, developing and retaining the paid staff required by a particular sector or a specific area of activity within a particular sector. Labour force planning activity in this guide is the term used to represent an individual labour force development initiative such as conducting research on skill shortages, developing competency profiles, running an advocacy campaign, and creating a leadership development training program. A particular labour force planning activity is not necessarily preceded by or part of a comprehensive labour force strategy. It takes a coherent, integrated set of activities to make up a strategy.

Related Information

For an overall look at the nonprofit sector's labour force and recommendations aimed at addressing our labour force challenges, refer to reports from the HR Council's Nonprofit Labour Force Study.

You can use this guide a number of ways. It can be used to inform and educate board members, guide staff or a collaborative group through a planning process, review best practices, or to find tools and resources that will increase your understanding of the elements of a successful labour force strategy.

The primary audiences for the guide are networks and umbrella organizations engaged in a collaborative process of exploration, planning and action; however, single organizations engaged in their own labour force planning will find helpful resources in the Developing a Strategy section and the Tools & Resources section.